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U2, 2 B or Not 2 B, W-2?

Posted by Admin Posted on Jan 20 2015

U2, 2 B or Not 2 B, W-2?

Okay, I admit I would rather be at a U2 concert or a Broadway play of Hamlet hearing that quote...but it is the time of year when one must deal with a different “2”...THE W-2. As funny as that sounds, it’s true. If you are a hard working American, you are probably expecting your W-2 Form in the mail from your employer any day now.

Maybe you’ll be getting one, maybe two, whatever, you should receive them in the mail by January 31st, 2015. So what are you going to do now? Are you going to let them sit in a pile of paperwork that has been building up for months? Are you going to throw them in a box and deal with them later (hopefully by April 15th)? Or, now here’s a cool idea...why not bring them into Allen and Associates, Inc., Tax and Bookkeeping in Middle Tennessee and let them take care of everything for you.

Allen and Associates, Inc., located in Smyrna, Tennessee, has been providing businesses and individuals with all their accounting and bookkeeping needs for several years. The owner, Vicki, graduated with an accounting degree from the University of Arkansas, and has been working for over twenty years with various accounting firms. In other words, she is not only passionate about accounting, but she loves her work, and would love to help you.

Do you have receipts laying around in a bag (That’s a nice way of asking if they are all over your desk, floor, or stuffed in your purse, and will be thrown into a bag to be brought in.)? Do you have a box where you have neatly laid all the receipts in order by date (Yeah, I’m being nice again.)? Or are you totally awesome and have all your W-2s in order, receipts, etc. in order and you seriously just don’t want to deal with doing your own taxes this year?

Whatever the case may be, Allen and Associates, Inc., Tax and Bookkeeping, would love to extend to you the personal service they are able to provide due to years of experience in the tax business. They are knowledgable and up to date on all the tax laws….and yes, no matter how you bring your receipts in (bag, box, or neat portfolio), they will be able to make sense of them and get you the best tax return turnout ever….We’re talking deductions, baby :-)

Hey, just so you know, Allen and Associates, Inc. can be found on the web at if you would like to check out all the other accounting services they offer. Personal or business, they can help you with your daily accounting needs, QuickBooks, payroll services, bank/credit card reconciliation, tax preparation, etc. You name it, they got your back.

In the mean time, when you receive that W-2 in the mail (no, not a concert ticket to U2 or a 2 B or not 2 B ticket to Hamlet) give Allen and Associates, Inc. in Smyrna a call. We will give your tax return the attention it deserves so that you save money and don’t pay more than you should.  That, my dear, is called optimal results. And if that is what you would like this year, give Allen and Associates, Inc a call.